Yes? I am interested to come in contact with companies and people that strive for the unordinary. That believe in and proclaim the power within us human beings. No matter our age, our backgound or current circumstances.

My name is Linda Svanegård and I work as a film teacher and creator of media content for businesses. However, my main goal in life these days is to study others and myself go beyond and do things out of the ordinary and thereby be of value to others.

I am in my forties and it was only a few years ago I started practising meditation as means to look within rather than without. My focus has improved immensely, my work abilities has exceeded my expectations, but most importantly - my belief in myself has improved so much. I am now very interested in how the mind works and how adaptive it actually is. How it can work in our favour if we are willing to put the "mind-work" in.

I want to combine the skills I have in film making with research on the human mind and our capabilities.

This website is a pure and honest call-out for you as an independent content creator or business that want to help people go beyond themselves. Perhaps my skills meet your needs and your expertise meet mine. I look for collaboration on the sort of projects that is of value for me and others to grow as humans.

Please send your enquires to linda@bobinacreative.se